Transit 2019

In an attempt to flee Nazi-occupied France, Georg assumes the identity of a dead author but soon finds himself stuck in Marseilles, where he falls in love with Maria, a young woman searching for her missing husband.

Transit 2012

A young girl abandoned by her father at boarding school, travels to an off-beat youth hostel and is forced to confront her personal demons.

Transit 1980

Directed by Daniel Wachsmann

Transit 2016

The two war-photographers Chris and Samuel are stuck in the transit area of an international airport. Long time they have worked as a team, not only as professional photographers who risk their life for journalism. They are also close friends, depending on each other. All that is about to break apart, when Samuel confesses that he won't go back to war anymore. Chris not only loses his partner, he is about to loose his friend.

Brussels-Transit 1982

Samy Szlingerbaum made his film Dakh-Brisel (Brussels-Transit) in 1980, thirty years after any Yiddish feature film had been produced. Szlingerbaum felt that the only way he could relate the story of his family’s search for refuge after World War II was in Yiddish. This Belgian-based filmmaker, deeply impacted by New York experimental cinema, gives us a masterful blend of powerful drama and stark documentary to tell the story of postwar European Jewry. Home, as it had been, no longer exists, and all that Samy’s family wants is a place in which to sink new roots.

Transit 1991

In 1941, those who had remained around too long to completely escape the Nazi blitzkrieg had one small, slim chance to escape persecution. They could travel to Marseilles and attempt to get the servile but still nominally independent government of Vichy France to grant them an exit visa. Then they could take passage to safer climes on one of the neutral vessels that stopped there. This drama, based on a novel by Anna Seghers, follows the fates of a small group of desperate people who are attempting to do just that.

Transit 2013

It tells the story of Moises, a Filipino single-dad working as a caregiver in Herzliya, Israel, who comes home to his apartment in Tel Aviv to celebrate his son Joshua’s 4th birthday. Itwas on that day that Moises, together with their Filipino neighbors Janet, and her daughter Yael, find out that the Israeli government is going to deport children of foreign workers. Afraid of the new law, Moises and Janet decide to hide their children from the immigration police by making them stay inside the house.


After a graffiti artist loses his brother and fellow partner-in-crime to the hands of a vigilante killer he vows to give up graffiti forever. That lasts until he hooks up with his best friend, a tag-banger out to make a name for himself.

Transit 2011

An illuminated map of Paris became a landscape through various image tranformations.

Transit 2006

Everybody has a story.

Transit 2014

Documentary shots of New York are altered by camera movements, angles and framing. This builds up a new fictitious urban space, whose visual familiarity stems from the history of film. The theme of Transit revolves around the collective visual ideas and notions of the urban environment.

Transit 1982

Cannes Film Festival 1982

Transit 2011

Much of Transit depicts the aftermath of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake, the most powerful ever recorded in Japan. The ensuing tsunami waves caused widespread flooding and the meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. An anti-nuclear demonstration shows the anger and frustration that followed the disaster, while the destructive power of nature is reinforced by a plume of ash rising from the Sakurajima volcano.


Directed by Taysir Batniji.


One afternoon ahead of dusk in the month of Ramadan, Maryam, Aini, and Nico are required to take a decision on the problems facing them. In the same place, a station. Maryam must take off while facing her past. Aini who is faced with polemics with her father is required to learn to defeat the ego and start forgiving. While Nico, in the midst of his happiness ahead of his return meeting with his family in his hometown, must make a decision for something that is not only good for him but also for many people. Like a journey through the transit period, Maryam, Aini, and Nico took advantage of their time to pause at the station to make big decisions in their lives.

Hamburg Transit 1970

Hamburg Transit was a German crime television series that first aired in 1970. It ran for 52 episodes over four series until 1974. It depicts the officers of the Hamburg CID. It was a successor to the show Polizeifunk ruft which ran between 1966 and 1970.

Warriors in Transit

Warriors in Transit is a 1992 Papua New Guinea theatrical television series, written and directed by William Takaku and Albert Toro. It consists in eight episodes, lasting twenty-five minutes each. It was the first ever "broadcast-length drama wholly conceived and produced by Papua New Guineans". Its production cost approximately €125,000. The series "depicts political duplicity and the disintegration of a family in the Port Moresby settlements". Its central characters are parents who attempt, unsuccessfully, to look after their sick child. Takaku has stated that the parents' characters represent the Papua New Guinean government, while the child represents the nation.

Skinny Girl In Transit 2018

Skinny Girl in Transit is a web series produced by Ndani TV, and as the name implies, it is a comedy about a young Nigerian woman and her efforts to lose weight.[2] In the pilot episode, Tiwalade, played by Abimbola Craig, is woken up from a pleasurable dream by her mother, played by Ngozi Nwosu. Her mum wastes no time in informing her that the Holy Spirit ministered to her and the message conveyed was that Tiwalade should lose weight, therefore furthering her hope of finding a husband. Tiwalade’s mum performs a series of dramatic gestures and makes several grand statements to emotionally blackmail Tiwalade into agreeing to lose weight. And Tiwalade, who is aware that she is overweight, thinks ‘why not, how hard could it be? However, losing weight turns out to be more strenuous than she originally assumed. In addition, Tiwalade has to deal with a mother who is like a dog with a bone, a sister, played by Sharon Ooja, who is pretty, slim and shallow, and a love-life that is less than appealing.

The Bridge 2011

When a body is found on the bridge between Denmark and Sweden, right on the border, Danish inspector Martin Rohde and Swedish Saga Norén have to share jurisdiction and work together to find the killer.

Transit Girls

High School student Sayuri is falling in love with Yui, the daughter of her father's fiancee.

Lost in Transition 2018

This docuseries chronicles the lives of four couples during trying times in their marriages. In each of these marriages, the wives have recently found out that their husbands have been keeping a secret for years about wanting to become a woman.