Al Cerullo

Al Cerullo
Al Cerullo's 35 years as a film pilot and 25,000+ hours of flight time speak for themselves. Having worked with every available camera platform and a wide array of cinematographers, Al has the experience & skill required to make even the most complicated aerial sequences a success. His credits speak for themselves.
Name Al Cerullo
Also Known As Al Curillo, Albert Cerullo, Albert C. Cerullo, Al Cerullo Jr., Albert Cerullo Jr., Al Cerrullo, Al Cerillo
Gender Male
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Place of Birth
As: Dauphin Pilot
The Soldier...
As: Chopper pilot
Major Payne...
As: Helicopter Pilot
Blue Steel...
As: Helicopter Pilot
Bed of Roses...
As: Helicopter Pilot
Captain America: Civ...