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John Chard
Bounty Hunters in Bountiful Bullet Bonanza. Una lunga fila di croci (AKA: No Room to Die/A Noose for Django/Hanging for Django) is directed by Sergio Garrone and features music by Vasco and Mancuso, with cinematography by Franco Villa. It stars Anthony Steffen, William Berger, Nicoletta Machiavelli, Mario Brega and Riccardo Garrone. Illegal Mexican immigrants are being smuggled over the border to work as cheap labour for wealthy land baron Fargo (Garrone). Fargo’s gang is made up of known criminals with bounties on their heads, this greatly interests two bounty hunters, Brandon (Steffen) and Murdock (Berger), who may have to team up to achieve their goals and stay ahead of the game? On plot terms it’s simplicity 101, a couple of cool dudes are waging a war against the evil and wealthy town boss and his gang. In true Spaghetti Western style a lot of blood is shed, there’s plenty of scowling from scuzzy men and pouting from the lead babe. A twist is thrown in for good measure, and on an action quota basis this never lacks in that department. In fact I think there might be more gunplay than actual dialogue! It’s what I would call a safe Spaghetti Western, a chance to make a telling political point is wasted, but there’s a lot of style around to ensure that the pic is never once dull. Garrone (Django the Bastard) knows his Spaghetti and indulges in the staples of the genre, with canted angles, revolving frames, whippy pans, zooms in and out, up-tilts and fight scenes that literally come through the camera. Add in Berger’s 7 barrelled shotgun with its endless supply of bullets, a schizophrenic musical score, the gorgeous Machiavelli getting a female role of some substance, and it’s all good really. Not top tier Spaghetti, and it is hardly original, but it keeps the plate warm with bullets and punches galore. 7/10

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