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The Princess Switch
When a down-to-earth Chicago baker and a soon-to-be princess discover they look like twins, they hatch a Christmastime plan to trade places.


First of all, the set design in this film is spectacular. Every set makes you feel like you really are there with these characters. I also really liked the costume designs on them. It was an excellent choice for everybody and to show how the royalty has better-looking clothes compared to everybody else in the film. The acting in this film was marvellous. Nobody seemed like a character but a real human being. You can easily relate to either Stacy or Margaret in a way. For example, you either connect to Stacy because you are the type of person who plans out everything or Margaret who is spontaneous. I had no issues with the pacing at all in this film. Everything seemed to flow from one thing smoothly to the next. I think one of the only things that bugged me about this film was how everything happened like magic and was never explained.There was a character in this film that just kept appearing at the right moment and it was never explained. And two characters would stand underneath mistletoe that magically appeared out of nowhere. Also, it doesn’t seem realistic. Yes, I know this is a fictional film but they make the characters out to be stupid and not question why Stacy or Margaret is acting differently than usual. They show signs of questioning it but again like when things happen in this film they just shrug it off. Other movies who have done this kind of plot had a few characters shrug it off but not all. Also, I’m pretty sure who wrote this movie wrote A Christmas Prince there is a lot of similarities between the two princes. In the end, this movie is good for people who like RomComs or who don’t. I give The Princess Switch a 7/10.

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