From Hare to Heir 1960

Sam, the Duke of Yosemite, will inherit one million pounds if he can keep his temper in check. Thing is, he has to endure Bugs Bunny as his house guest.

Southern Fried Hospitality 1960

Gabby Gator, voiced in Kentucky Colonel mode by Daws Butler, is starving. He comes upon a recipe for southern-fried woodpecker and writes Woody a fan letter. Woody shows up to perform an act and about the three-quarter mark, realizes what is going on, and proceeds to take his revenge.

Billion Dollar Boner 1960

On a quiet and peaceful street, the serenity of one house is suddenly disturbed by the noise of Woody Woodpecker pecking away inside.

Fowled Up Falcon 1960

The history of falconry is turned upside-down when Woody is the prey of a falcon bent on destroying him. Falcons make great hunters.

Ozark Lark 1960

The feud between the Martins and the Coys has ended after all being wiped out except for one. Woody comes by and inadvertently starts it back up.

Heap Big Hepcat 1960

Looseface, a young Indian brave turned TV star, completes his role in a picture and is told to go home for a vacation.

Gabby's Diner 1961

In a Florida swamp, starving Gabby Gator has a little diner. Things are slow; he is just waiting for a good meal to come along.

Busman's Holiday 1961

As the scene opens, window washer Woody washes the window of Pierre's bakery. His first mishap is to cause Pierre to mess up a cake that he's decorating, and Pierre tells him off. Since this job is finished, Woody gets on a bus with his automatic extension ladder, which keeps hitting the bus driver in the head every time that the bus stops. The driver finally throws Woody off, but Woody manages to get back on. The comedy with the ladder continues, finally involving a traffic cop, a motorcycle policeman and Pierre, as well as Woody and the driver. The story ends with all the participants, on the motorcycle, crashing into a brick wall.

Mother Was a Rooster 1962

Foghorn Leghorn is sound asleep when the barnyard dog places an ostrich egg beside him for a gag. When Foghorn awakes and sees the egg...

The Slick Chick 1962

Foghorn Leghorn makes the mistake of volunteering to mind Widow Hen's mischievous son while she's away.

Crowin' Pains 1962

Woody wakes up from his home in the big city and tries to get some food. After being attacked by a little old lady (for trying to steal her popcorn), he flies to the country where he notices a farmer and his pet crow, Jubilee, the latter of which is well fed. Woody makes a deal with the crow (they'll trade places) and Jubilee heads to the city while Woody disguises himself as the crow. When Woody's disguise comes off, the farmer isn't impressed and plans to stuff and mount the bird. Woody manages to talk his way out of it and is free to go only to be clobbered by a vengeful returning Jubilee who also had eyes on the lady's popcorn!

Saddle-Sore Woody 1964

Dirty McNasty wants Woody's horse and horsenaps it! Woody follows the villain into town and proceeds to wreck the place in order to get his horse back.

Tease for Two 1965

Daffy Duck goes to a forest on a gold hunt, and his treasure map indicates the presence of gold in a hole occupied by two polite twin gophers.

Sioux Me 1965

An Indian tribe is in need of rain and believe they can get it by sacrificing a woodpecker. Along comes Woody.